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There was slight shift to the left, if you see CDA/PVV/VVD as the right and PvdA/SP/GL/D66 as the left. the gains of the VVD were slighter then the losses of PVV and CDA. On the other hands the gains of the PvdA and D66 were bigger then the losses of GL.

Still that gets you to ca. 44% left and 45% right. So power is hold by the parties neither clearly left or right: the christian and animal fundamentalists (SGB Christenunie and PvdD) and the new pensioners party.

So instead of cobbling a six party coalition were two parties are nuts, a two party government looks attractive.

And a PvdA-VVD-D66 coalition already existed. there is even a color name for them.

by IM on Thu Sep 13th, 2012 at 06:24:14 AM EST
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