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So Greece implements every law it passes?  If so, it is alone among nations.  I find Samaras's actions to be more likely the result of either A) knowing the agreement won't pass, so he can go back to the Troika and say, "I tried.  Let's try again," or B) knowing that, while it may pass, implementation will still be blocked, and he can still play good faith to the Troika.  Completely contrived, and everyone stays on script however badly written.

As for Siemens, that gravy train isn't even side-tracked, much less stopped.  And that was a lot of gravy that flowed everywhere.  Samaras may not have received anything directly, but someone close did and expects to again, hence the settlement.  And no one will call anyone on it because everyone is in on it.  The only way to stop a juggernaut like that is for it to collapse on itself, as Credit Mobilier did here in the US 140 years ago.

by rifek on Mon Sep 3rd, 2012 at 10:24:48 PM EST
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