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Monday: Athens: Protesters Boo and "Fire" Vulgar Insults at the Troika (video) - Keep Talking Greece

Members of Independent Greeks party prepared a hot welcome with boos and vulgar insults to members of the Troika on Monday in Athens. The technical team of the country'es lenders from IMF, EU and ECB had an appointment with Greek Finance Minister Yiannis Stournaras.

But they protesters had gathered much earlier outside the ministry.

"There! There!", "Here they come!" the protesters shouted when the car with the Troikans arrived at the Ministry. As they could not enter the building with the car, they got out and started to walk close to the wall in order to secure a safety distance to the angry crowd.

"Go F**", Motherf*", "Assh**" were some of the "French" the protesters shouted at the men in black who looked rather confused. As they couldn't not understand what the people holding Greek flags were shouting  and they had wore a rather silly smile on their face.


Tuesday: Athens: IMF's Thomsen Enters a... Gym To Avoid Disabled Protesters - Keep Talking Greece

If you think the Troika representatives can bypass 50 disable protesters and enter unharmed the Labour Ministry in Athens , you're wrong. The panic and confusion is so big that the Troikans can land into some private gym instead...

Alos Tuesday: Athens: Troika Team Chased & Harassed by Municipality Workers - Keep Talking Greece

Earlier on Tuesday, municipality workers chased members of a Troika technical team as they were trying to meet with Greek majors from the Central Union of Municipalities (KEDE). However the municipality workers union tried to hinder the meeting.

They blocked the KEDE entrance with overturned garbage bins. When the team arrived, the workers started to chase them, to throw water bottles at them and use the usual ...French.
Proto Thema speaks even of "kicks" and "hurled coffees".

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