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I like eating vegetarian meals because they taste good, not because someone tells me that my eating or non-eating has a moral value. I'm perfectly OK with meat, by the way. And I perfectly accept that some people would like to eat a fully vegetarian food. why not?
Nevertheless, I can also see that, in my own neighborhood, there are some street tags "meat is murder", and not a single "carrots live too". so i jokingly express my unease in front of the more radicals. The last candidate described is, if I'm not mistaken, a member of such radical pro-veg groups. That's very well for her, as long as she doesn't include me in her food diet.
Frugal diet is not the same as fully veg' diet. The lady is on the later side.

Regarding the nuclear issue, I have no clear convictions either: should we abandon nuclear -as energy? May we abandon nuclear? (taking the CO² issue into account)? Is it not already too late for that? Are we stranded with nuclear as part of a non CO2 energy-mix? If we decide to abandon nuclear, are we actually able, from a practical, industrial and technical point of view, to develop and put online enough capacity to replace the closed-down plants? Anyway, is there still an industrial capacity to buld nuclear power plants in Europe?
And about the negawatt program: are we able to produce the skilled crew, legal framework, technical means necessary to reduce housing energy consomation?

to take an example: in Paris, all building are managed by neighboors councils called "syndic". For all radical building modification, a single vote may derail the decision. External thermic isolation is deemed a radical modification and requires a consensus. So the logical consequence is that any building counting more than three or for diferent owners will never implement any energy-saving action on the scale of the complete building. You will never see neither an action taken to use the local high temperature artesian water for heating, even if the local resource is largely sufficient to procure the heating for the whole 10 millions inhabitants of greater paris...

by Xavier in Paris on Tue Nov 12th, 2013 at 12:45:14 PM EST
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