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It was a big deal in France when it was released. Arthus-Bertrand was already a star as aerial photographer, everyone had his calendars. And yes, it kicked off quite a bit of popular consciousness-raising.

I confess I haven't seen it, I don't go to the cinema much. And it would be a shame to see it on small screen.

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by eurogreen on Tue Nov 12th, 2013 at 03:05:10 PM EST
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Assuming your screen is relatively modern, no it wouldn't be a shame. There are HD versions, on vimeo perhaps as well.

This should be shown to the outgoing and incoming Yurpeen parliament, as well.

The granddaughter said it changed her life. That is, after all, what we need to hear.

Actually, i wish to know if such an understanding is possible without entheogens. Like to think so.

Still bothers me that many of my friends agree, understand, and go on as if we still weren't delivering a death sentence.

To my original question, hard to believe Bertrand's film didn't get more traction. Perhaps that's a signifier that the "civilization" is indeed dead.

There are many of us who are not at this moment fighting off armed thugs taking food and water, as in the Pacific desolation area, but still.

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by Crazy Horse on Tue Nov 12th, 2013 at 08:16:32 PM EST
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