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Part of what I meant by "not different" is that both our statements on their face are simple platitudes.

I've never seen a take on "you need to positively impact the future" that doesn't appeal to narratives that have to be swept away if we're going to survive more than X hundred years into the future. Of course it's hard because in order to "win" you have to beat those with power at their own game, and that means playing power politics, and humanity can no longer survive power politics. Thus to get from A to B there are going to be some dice rolls involved that humanity is not going to be a part of, or more specifically, that will be made with no human agency.

But we can send ideas forward that may or may not slip through the outcome of the dice rolls. What I've got on a personal level (or working on, anyway): empathy, the power of touch, relating to others cooperatively rather than competitively. On an intellectual level I am trying to scratch the surface on how to synthesize the best of pre- and post-agricultural societies. We need the spiritual, intuitive, and ecological skills of the former, and the knowledge of the latter.

you are the media you consume.

by MillMan (millguy at gmail) on Wed Nov 13th, 2013 at 11:51:44 PM EST
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