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  • Work is the fact that any human being, in any society, will get up in the morning to get something to eat.

  • Capital, in any human society, is the fact that this human being will probably not get his food without a tool. That tool is capital. (in all senses ^_^)

  • Politics is the fact (relatively well established, I think) that human beings are social animals, evolved from other social animals, in a species group (apes) characterized by the existence of coalition of animals that give an edge in the reproduction processes of the individual and are then selected by darwinian mechanisms.

Do the notions of work, capital, productive mechanisms, etc. apply to non-human social animals, e.g. chimpanizees, rhesus monkeys, bats, bees, ants, etc., as well as to humans?

What, if anything, is qualitatively different between non-human economic systems and those of humans?  Is it the flexibility of social arrangements that humans have to mediate economic relations between individuals in these groups (presumably in large part due to language and other symbolic systems)?

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by marco on Wed Nov 20th, 2013 at 04:04:39 PM EST
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