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Debt has very interesting anecdotes but it is neither a very good historical overview, nor a good discussion of debt in our time. I would recommend reading it at a later date to correct the view of history assumed in standard economics.

For economical history I would rather recommend reading Ferdinand Braudels' Civilizations and Capitalism which gives a broad overview of global economic history with a focus on industrialisation and Europe. If it is too heavy the summary, The Dynamics of Capitalism, condenses the argument but leaves out much of bildung.

The Great Divergence by Kenneth Pommeranz and The Industrious revolution are other interesting takes on industrialisation and economic development, but are not good as starting points since they are so driven by their respective thesis.

Tony Judts' Postwar - a history of Europe since 1945 is a magisterial overview of modern European history. It is an excellent foundation from which to approach more thesis driven works about Europe today.

by chumchu on Thu Nov 21st, 2013 at 12:47:44 PM EST
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