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Centre of the town


Restaurant where we had dinner...Expensive and I never had less food for the money, haha. We had to remind ourselves all over again of Belgrade restaurants and especially food, yam. This was symbolic amount of not so tasty food, unfortunately. As my friend here said : "if you want to really eat go to the cheap restaurant because here as more expensive restaurant is, less food you'll get" haha. But atmosphere was good...

Few other restaurants and cafes :

Here is our accommodation. Treetops Seaview Montvile Hotel consisting of few tree houses,very interesting and pleasant atmosphere. It is advertised as luxurious accommodation with appropriate price attached and I am sure it once (10 years ago or so) was luxurious but now it is a little warn down. Anyway it has marvelous view from the veranda and all tho my camera is too primitive to catch but far away there is actually sea / ocean.  

And view...early in the morning when sun rise and it looks like everything is covered in gold and later during the day...

Few more nice things

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by vbo on Thu Nov 21st, 2013 at 11:16:50 AM EST
Lovely!  Thanks for posting.  
by ElaineinNM on Sat Nov 23rd, 2013 at 12:07:18 PM EST
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