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Another interesting aspect of this is that austerity is not only reinforcing the worst behaviors that harm the country (such as tax evasion, destruction of community and commonality) but it is seen as simply yet another event that prevents Greece from ever escaping the trap of history.

We're 5 or 6 years into this debacle, and the signs point downward still. When you realize that Greece has these crises every 20 years, you then can't ever hope to build a functioning system that lasts. Balkan Wars, Asia Minor catastrophe, huge influx of refugees, Smyrna, the National Schism, Dictatorship in the 30s, Italian invasion and German occupation, Civil War, proxy gov't by CIA, the junta and the Colonels, now this, an economic meltdown that will take another 20 years to recover from IF they are lucky, but by then, concepts of government for the people will be so run down and tattered that they will simply anticipate the next historical crisis.

by Upstate NY on Sun Feb 17th, 2013 at 12:08:31 PM EST

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