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When speed laws come anywhere close to matching up with the natural and.safe speed to drive on a particular road, yeah, they can be regularly enforced.  The mass of drivers on any stretch of road make a pretty decent collective judgement on this point, based on the capability of their cars and the contour of the road.  But often enough, that mass judgement has little or no thing to do with the posted speed limits, and it is quite commonly well in excess of those limits,

For example, the speed limit on elevated toll highways in Japan is 80 kph, or about 50 mph.  Nobody on the road ever comes anywhere close to respecting this limit.  It's ridiculous.

Lone dude speeding along the road?  Screw them.  Everybody on the road being a criminal every day is a problem,

by Zwackus on Thu May 30th, 2013 at 09:27:54 PM EST
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