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would explain well the context in which DCB made very ex post facto controversial commentary on the sexuality of minors.

One can understand, perhaps, the confusion of certain catholic priests in this context?

Personally, I don't think we can find understanding for that. Even when things were "morally fluid," at least for the more relativist among us, it should have been clear that in this particular topic, we are always and everywhere going to be confronted with power on the one side and powerlessness (of children) on the other.

That was never the case with women's sexuality or with homosexuality, both involving a shift in attitudes regarding sex between autonomous actors, in order to recognize their equality before the law. Children have never been considered autonomous and/or equal before the law (understood that there is ambiguity here regarding what constitutes the age at which a child becomes adult, but with the caveat that certainly there is no ambiguity as regards pre-adolescents and probably great agreement as regards early adolescents as well) , and with good reason

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