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Children are physiologically different from adults. It's not just that they are smaller and weaker, but also that their brains are not fully developed, even welll into adolescence, and therefore are not fully responsible for their actions in the way that adults typically are (though of course here there are equally exceptions, and when there are exceptions we also tend to call these exceptions "vulnerable," in need of protection, in the same way we think of children).

I'd point out that if you are going to try to excuse the German Greens' paedophilia problem "back in the day" (and of course this also means DCB) on the basis of shifting moral environment at the time, you'd do well to consider that the environment for the Roman Catholic Church was also shifting, do not forget that the 70's were a time of liberalisation in the church in the wake of Vatican II, this is the period when Liberation Theology was becoming a force for good. It was a time before the repression of the latter movement, by John Paul II, assisted by the future German pope (who directed the actual dirty work), which resulted in the much more reactionary church we have today.

What I am saying, I guess, is that if you are going to employ moral relativism as an attitude with respect to DCB and other german greens, perhaps you should consider that there are other logical extensions of this same tendancy to moral relativism.

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