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"Children are physiologically different from adults."
Yeah, I know that children are physiologically (and psychologically) different from adults. I informed myself on the subject when I had to decide on a party programme. Before those conferences I didn't know it. Actually that is my point.

" the German Greens' paedophilia problem "back in the day""

You have perhaps the wrong idea of what a party conference adopting a programme does. There wasn't a paedophilia problem. There was a discussion about lifting all bans on sexual behaviour that all participants had consented to. Which automatically led us to the question if children can consent. So what you call "the German Greens' paedophilia problem" in reality was a debate instead of automatically deny this question by reflex.

Since the child abuse scandal of the Catholic Church and some other institutions and persons is in the open, we have heard many victims, young ones and old ones who now can speak of it for the first time. They have given evidence of suffering and of betrayal of trust and power. There has been nobody who accused DCB. Nevertheless you equate the two "cases". I object to that (can't surprise you).

by Katrin on Wed Jun 12th, 2013 at 12:27:01 PM EST
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