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In contrast, in Central European film-making, the Sixties did arrive, and there was a tolerated (though not at all liked) beatnik-semi-hippie counter-culture.

The apparently 'glamorous' plot of Intergirl reminds me of the regime's contradictory policy on prostitution at the end of the eighties: it was mostly suppressed, but the few prostitutes who were tolerated in specific areas were also 'employed' as 'hosts' of foreign state visitors (and later any convertible-currency-paying Western hotel guests), which also meant secret service connections.

BTW, the Intergirl of Hungary was the 1989 movie K, a not at all glamorous documentary about these 'privileged' prostitutes. (I haven't seen it, I only heard from an acquaintance who went to see it believing it to be a sex film, then was disgusted to the extent that he left half-way.)

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