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Not really. We don't know what they're getting away with...

Exactly: we don't know and can't make the comparison Redstar made.

You point at cases where rich and powerful people got lenient sentences. I am not disputing that being rich and powerful helps enormously to get away with crimes. I am disputing that the present generation has better chances to get away than previous ones. And I am disputing that getting away with sexual abuse of children has become easier than in previous generations.


If you're wilfully blind to the facts - or worse, are trying to sweep them under the carpet - you might think that.

My, what a rhetorical flourish. Am I meant to clap?


But no one familiar with the evidence is going to agree with you.

If that is so, why don't you supply that evidence?

by Katrin on Thu Jun 13th, 2013 at 01:07:35 PM EST
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