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I think that I've shared this database before.  It's pretty thorough, although the coverage of proposed and in construction wind farms seems a little sparse.  For example, EON has been planning two major wind farms in the part of Indiana that I live in (I've been taking care of my parents) and they are missing from this.  It looks as though the one closest to me is DOA because of a mysteriously well organized anti-wind group in the area. The final straw was when one of the county commissioners, who has a home in the area of the proposed wind farm bought into the rhetoric that wind farms cause property devaluation, and maybe even disease.

Maybe this is a little OT, but has there been any effort to organize wind education groups that step in to educate the public when wind farms are proposed.  
It certainly seems that the opposition is well organized. (And, I suspect funded covertly by fossil fuel interests) At least in North America, the political obstacles seem to be an issue with expanding the penetration of wind power into the energy mix. I've been thinking that this might actually be something that someone could form a non-profit or consultancy around.....


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I think that I've shared this database before.

They hid the turbine database behind a paywall...

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