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Thanks for the insights Frank.

Are all the exemptions larger consumers receive reflected in the average electricity prices shown in the graphs, or are those the average prices paid by consumers who don't get the exemptions, and thus is some of the price increase shown a function of the huge increase in the number of exempted consumers?

The latter. Numbers above are the equivalent for the 'standard' household, thus consumers which are not exempted. BDEW sticks the average household to the figure of 3500 kWh, Eurostat uses several ranges. The graph using Eurostat data is based on the 2500 - 5000 kWh band.

The bigger issue here is perhaps the question of why electricity is taxed so highly in Europe in the first place.

I'll keep that in mind when (if) I reach the European perspective.

by Bjinse on Thu Jul 4th, 2013 at 07:26:35 AM EST
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