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By all means increase taxes on fossil fuels, but it is the price differential which matters. I doubt the extra electricity usage of a larger TV is a material consideration for most users (and the extra electricity it uses ends up heating the house a little anyway). I am always a bit amused by friends who insist on completely switching off a TV (to save on the tiny amount of power the standby light uses) but insist on keeping their (often poorly insulated)  water heating system on permanently.

However when deciding on a home heating system, the capital cost of a few plug in storage heaters is much less than an oil/gas/solid fuel central heating system - often with underfloor plumbing etc.) and the latter is generally much less efficient or targeted at when you need the heat most. I haven't done the sums recently, but even with night-rate electricity, the cost of an electrical heating system was always prohibitive when the critical house design and modification decisions were being made (as were heat pumps, solar panels, or a domestic wind turbine).

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