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The coal bio-gas seems interesting but I find the discussion of the conversion and utilization of the various products unclear. It seems the hot gas, 47.5% of the total energy stream, can be converted to electricity at 50% efficiency, so that portion yields 25.75% efficiency for electric conversion, or an EROI of ~1.3. But the charcoal and medium hot gas providing an efficiency of 93% and an EROI of 17.5 is just confounding and relates to an entirely different calculation - effectively a dazzling aside - as when we return to converting this 52.5% of the total stream to electricity with different types of fuel cells we get 50% efficiency for part and 75% for the rest for a combined efficiency of 60% and an overall EROI of 2.5, which is not too inspiring.

But if all those processes could be scaled down so that they could be used to charge a battery in a moving vehicle directly it might be a solution to the mobile fuel requirement, even if it is more polluting than battery operation from electricity supplied by wind and/or solar.

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