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The EROI for solar electric panels of 6.7 seems low. At a minimum there should be a lot of room to increase the EROI of these panels by optimizing the production process. And that figure is probably based on the standard 5 hours per day of effective use for fixed solar panels. With feasible tracking systems 5 hours could be increased to 7.5 hours averaged yearly. That should be a 50% increase, which could bring the EROI to 10 for existing panels.

Also the time over which energy is returned from solar panels is often not adequately accounted in many measures. Energy Payback Time is the primary original merit factor, but Richards and Watt argue for use of energy yield ratio, EYR, instead, as it allows capture of the full lifetime of the panel. With 30 year lifetimes EYR can increase to >13, especially in areas of high insolation.

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