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... but by their nature, a meta-study of Solar PV EROI will lag technological progress, since it has to cover a sufficient period of time to collect an adequate number of EROI studies, and then it goes through its own publication process, which also takes time.

Just as with the EROI on Wind Power, I am taking it as a conservative floor estimate on EROI of the technologies over the coming decade rather than as a center-point estimate. That is, after all, the crux of the argument: that if we pursue the Steel Interstate now, we won't be left stranded because we banked on forthcoming successful technological research and development that never took place.

Contra that "what if the current technological progress hits a roadblock and this is the best we get" challenge, based on what we already know about technology we already have, we in the US can be confident of the technical feasibility of a renewable, sustainable Electrical power supply with an EROI of 13 or better, which is comfortably above the threshold of the EROI "cliff".

At the same time, petroleum and near petroleum substitutes continue to advance toward that cliff.

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