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Firstly, people who prefer powerdown over nukes are crazy. Power is civilization. Everything that seperates us from the slaving patriarcal assholes of the medieval ages depends on it. More, without power, agriculture fails, all things get eaten until the ecosystem collapses and then we all die.

Secondly, while I agree it is a false choice - because there are ways other than fission to power civilization that are feasible engineering wise...

How to put this. This is going to seem rude.

 a lot of people that call themselves renewable advocates  and greens do not actually seem to believe that a society powered by alternative energy is feasible. Not in their bones.
If they did, they would not talk about powerdown. At all. Ever. Because given the choice between enlarging the solar array in the north african desert by another square mile and harsh energy austerity, no sane society would ever elect to use less power.  

by Thomas on Thu Jul 25th, 2013 at 03:00:37 PM EST
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