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concerned that authorities will push wind projects through

Why the authorities? AFAIK the government doesn't build wind farms in its own, while the certificates support system (in which the level of build-up is dictated by government targets) was ended in 2003, and currently there is a feed-in premium system (where the minimum level of buildup depends on investor willingness alone). Who are the typical on-shore wind investors in the Netherlands? Or is this a concern about zoning laws?

On this, in the diary, you wrote:

There is an increasing groundswell carried by provinces, counties and citizens against building more wind on land.

Could you detail that? With this description, it could be anything from a loud 10% to a 90% silent majority, and anything from something that is more smoke than fire through a successful campaign by a coalition of astroturfers and ideological opponents like in Britain or an accumulation of typical local issues to (and this would be the interesting part) severe problems special to the shape of the sector in the Netherlands.

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