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As an extra, here are four photos without trains, and some architectural-cultural history.

The best view on the Devil's Bridge is from the train, on its own viaduct. There have actually been several Devil's Bridges:

  • the last of several bridges at the original location (right behind and at half the height of the lower bridge) was the place of a famous battle during the Napoleonic Wars (there is a big memorial for General Alexander Suvorov behind the right bridgehead of the higher bridge). It was destroyed by a flood in 1888.
  • The lower and closer bridge on the picture (the lower one on the photo) was added in 1830.
  • The higher bridge, which still carries the modern road, was added in 1958. (You can make out a reddish spot next to the tunnel portal: that's a devil painted on the wall.)

Between the Devil's Bridge and Andermatt, the road and the rail share a gallery, with a trekking path above. On the opposite side of the Reuss river is Buel (Bühl) Barracks, built 1901 for a mountain fortress.

Here is a photo of Lake Oberalp from the east (from a train), with an angler. Beyond the opposite end, you can see a raincloud unleashing its waters on Andermatt.

The road bridge below is on the western edge of Camischolas, a village which in practice merged with Sedrun. The strange names indicate that this is a region home to Switzerland's fourth native language, Romansh.

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