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I can see where such negotiations might lead to an agreement that many of us do not like, but, with some strategic engagement by progressives on boths sides of the big lake, I can also see where regulatory homogenization can be a big win for progressive advocates on both continents as well.  Europe can gain from the more comprehensive and systematic nature of data gathering and reporting by industrial entities as occurs in the US and Canada, for example, if required in some way to implement the provisions of such an agreement. The US can gain from a European regulatory framework geared toward assuring more more environmental and local community sustainability and consumer protection than occurs in the US.

Of course industrialists will try to capture the process -- that's the liberal democratic process, after all.  But that doesn't prevent progressives from being in the contest and trying to capture as much of structure as well. I see more opportunity here than threats at this point, much more than in north-south trade agreements where the disparities of power are so much greater.

by santiago on Fri Jan 17th, 2014 at 01:42:47 PM EST

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