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I'm not clear on the institutional process. Imagine that the EU and the USA sign this. There will be vast domains of economic (and human) activity within the EU which will be subject to  challenge by the US, on grounds of fair trade. There will be some organ of adjudication of claims.

Logically, EU law, and national law, would have to be amended in accordance with the treaty. If the treaty specifies that genetically-modified foodstuffs, or hormone-fed turkeys, are OK, than no entity within the EU would be allowed to ban it.

So the European parliament would have to change all the relevant laws, and every member nation would have to transpose that into national law.

Sorry, I can't see that happening. Not only will it take years, it simply won't go through.

So what's really going to happen? Is there some sort of fast track? Does the treaty automatically re-write our laws for us?

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by eurogreen on Tue Jan 14th, 2014 at 10:37:18 AM EST

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