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Possibly related, from Wolfgang Münchau:

The wacky economics of Germany's parallel universe - FT.com

The Germans have a name for their unique economic framework: ordoliberalism. Its origins are perfectly legitimate - a response of Germany's liberal elites to the breakdown of liberal democracy in 1933. It was born out of the observation that unfettered liberal systems are inherently unstable, and require rules and government intervention to sustain themselves. The job of the government was not to correct market failures but to set and enforce rules.

After 1945, ordoliberalism became the dominant economic doctrine of the centre-right. In the 1990s, the Social Democrats started to embrace it, culminating in Gerhard Schröder's labour and welfare reforms in 2003. Today the government is ordoliberal. The opposition is ordoliberal. The universities teach ordoliberal economics. In the meantime, macroeconomics in Germany and elsewhere are tantamount to parallel universes.

Also this, from Friday's newsroom.

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