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Why do you consider issuing the quasi money the most radical? I think this is the smartest thing to do and It causes the least suffering if you want to exit the euro. You don't even have to call It money to avoid the political pressures that word might create. government announces that times are economically difficult and that is why we are giving the economy a tax breake. we will issue tax certificates that we accept for payments of taxes. You know what G.W. Bush called the $500 check he sent to every American worker? It was called a tax credit. That is exactly what money is. Like they said there in the paper you provided the link for, It is perfectly legal and there is no European treaty that can prevent sovereign governments from doing that. This would end the neoliberal nightmare very soon. This is MMT idea.
by Kristjan on Tue Dec 2nd, 2014 at 05:55:28 PM EST

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