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DIMAR has stated they could work with Syriza, but according to every poll collected on Opinion polling for the Greek legislative election, 2015 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia since the EP-election they have been below 3%. ANEL is around 3% so it matters on which poll you use.

KKE is apparently against cooperation.

Greek legislative election, 2015 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

DIMAR MP Ioannis Michelogiannakis said that following another election the party could also work with a SYRIZA-led government.[14] DIMAR MP and member of the central committee of DIMAR, Spyros Lykoudis, stated his preference for a broader SYRIZA-DIMAR-PASOK coalition.[15]

Panos Kammenos, leader of Independent Greeks (ANEL) stated he favored a broad alliance of anti-bailout parties, excluding Golden Dawn.[16] Kammenos also proposed cooperating with SYRIZA in the 2014 local elections, suggesting their candidates could appear on the same ticket.[17] Following the rumors of a third bailout, Kammenos attempted to convince maverick ND and PASOK MPs to bring down the government.[16]

Dimitris Koutsoumpas, leader of the Communist Party (KKE), reiterated the party's stance against cooperation with other parties, stating alliances or partnerships must be done in terms of social movements, "not from the top down, where leaders sit down and find, one, two, three things they agree on and sign a program. Those alliances have been shown to have many bad side effects for the labour movement."[18][19]

And according to Deutsche Bank, Potami would cooperate with Syriza.

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