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Haven't written my thoughts on the RMI brief yet, because the fight is so great here at the moment. The utilities have beaten back all manner of renewable support, while at the same time importing the dirtiest MTR (Mt. Top Removal) coal.

EU utilities, green groups clash over RET

Leaders of six green energy firms challenged big utilities on Wednesday by advocating a tougher EU renewable goal to save billions in fossil fuel imports and create hundreds of thousands of jobs.
The companies are among 91 firms and organisations taking on the big utilities, whose business model has been shaken by the uptake in renewable power, spurred by a mandatory 2020 goal to get 20 percent of energy from green sources.
"Renewables came into the market in a disruptive manner and there is fight between the two sectors," said Rafael Mateo, CEO of Spain's Acciona Energia, which describes itself as the only utility 100 percent reliant on renewable energy.
Hans-Dieter Kettwig, managing director of German wind turbine maker Enercon, said utilities needed to be "more proactive" and "accept a new industry is coming".

Executives from utilities including Germany's E.ON , RWE and GDF Suez, formed what became known as the Magritte Group last year to lobby for an end to subsidies for wind and solar.

I've publicly disagreed with Amory since the late 70's on the role of utilities in the renewable revolution, believing that the evidence showed they were far more an obstacle, with green-washing at best. But Amory seems to be coming around, arguing that it's wrong to keep the dinosaurs propped up, with some strong arguments.

What Amory didn't write about (though he might well understand) is that most governments are currently hostage to the Magritte Group, worst in Spain, Germany and formerly great Britain.

We'll see how far renewables can push when the revised German Energiewende is presented around Easter. I'm predicting serious tension between the States (Bundesrat) and the Coalition, to the degree that there will be disagreement even within the parties, none of which Frau Mutter can control.

On the other hand, most of Germany just wants things cheap, whether it's food, clothes or dirty electricity.

Setting Amory's Ft. Collins utility-business model in Yurp would be a plus, for sure.

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by Crazy Horse on Fri Feb 14th, 2014 at 01:04:25 PM EST

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