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I haven't been looking at the Worldwatch Institute for quite a while because I found that so much of their stuff was behind a paywall (not because I thought it was bad).

This is a good overview and rebuttal of the Economist article. The description of the European scene seems correct. There's just a feeling, though, of time-lag. As CH points out, incumbent utilities in Europe are not just whining, they're organising an onslaught against renewables, and currently making considerable headway.

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EU has no love lost for FITs - 100% renewable - Renewables International

On Valentine's Day (Friday), the consultation period closes for an EU paper on future energy policy. Feed-in tariffs will be done away with altogether aside from small projects. State aid could still be provided for CCS.

For years, proponents of renewables have praised feed-in tariffs as a policy mechanism, but too often even they have charged that FITs are some kind of start-up support for fledgling technologies. (This website was partly founded on the principle that that argument is specious.)

Now, that line of thinking is coming back to haunt us; if renewables are mature now, we can do away with FITs, right? An EU document that can be commented on until Friday proposes just that. Here is the main passage about the exceptions where FITs would still be allowed:

Member States may grant aid to installations of first commercial scale and to small installations with an electricity generation capacity of less than [1] MW, except for wind energy, where a threshold of [5 MW or 3 generation units] applies...

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