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For those who don't know him, Amory was one of the seminal figures in the push for renewables beginning in the mid-70's. (Of course the technical developments in wind, solar and others go back far longer.)

Trained as a physicist (but without a degree?), Lovins published energy policy for Friends of the Earth. Around 1975, he published a renewable strategy article in Foreign Policy which grew to become Soft Energy Paths. With the spread of that article, coming between the two oil embargoes of the 70's, Lovins became a figurehead of the "soft path."

He spent the next decades consulting for utilities, large corps and the military. If he hadn't already drunk the neo-lib koolaid, these clients didn't help. Still, he remained one of the most globally respected renewable energy advocates.

Amory learned much of his windpower from a childhood friend, and my mentor, Dr. Forrest (Woody) Stoddard. Despite my disagreements with him over the role of utilities, he remains a stalwart advocate.

Most importantly, had we been able to have the global buildout of renewables that we've seen in the past 15 years occur when first proposed, we wouldn't have lost another 15 years to irreversible global warming.

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by Crazy Horse on Sun Feb 16th, 2014 at 04:24:33 AM EST
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