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It's not so easy, unfortunately. There is a clear link between growing up in a violent family and likelihood to use that learned behaviour later in life as a parent. Unsurprising. But with sexual abuse there is mixed evidence.

Who abuses children? - Resource sheet - Child Family Community Australia

Evidence indicating whether those who are sexually abused in childhood are more likely to sexually abuse in adulthood is mixed. In a US study comparing the developmental experiences of child sexual abusers and adult sexual abusers, 73% of the child sexual abusers in the sample had experienced child sexual abuse themselves (Simons, Wurtele, & Durham, 2008). However, in a longitudinal study in the United Kingdom, only 11.6% of a sample of 224 former male victims of child sexual abuse had subsequently committed a sexual offence toward a child (Salter et al., 2003).
by Katrin on Thu Feb 27th, 2014 at 10:21:21 AM EST
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