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That's a block of 32 seats.

Other (more extreme) far-right parties among the NI have a combined 11 seats:

  • HU: Jobbik 3 (NI)
  • GR: Chrysi Aygi 3 (New)
  • SE: Sverigedemokraterna 1 (New)
  • CZ: Úsvit přímé demokracie Tomia Okamury 1 (New)
  • SK: Ludová strana Naše Slovensko 1 (New)
  • BU: Natsionalno Obedinenie Ataka 1 (New)
  • BU: Natzionalen Front za Spasenie na Bulgaria 1 (New)

Some of these might be compatible with the UKIP-dominated EFD (which also has a range from colourful loons to dangerous fools). At any rate, all right-of-centre-right forces (ECR+AfD, EFD, the FN block and Jobbik & co, and I won't exclude the Tories and ODS) would combine to 122 seats, or 16.2%...

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by DoDo on Thu Feb 20th, 2014 at 10:10:21 AM EST
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