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    10.43am GMT

Viktor Yanukovych is quoted by Russian media as saying:

    I, Viktor Fedorovich Yanukovych appeal to the people of Ukraine. As before I still consider myself to be the lawful head of the Ukrainian state, chosen freely by the will of the Ukrainian people.

    Now it is becoming clear that the people in south-eastern Ukraine and in Crimea do not accept the power vacuum and complete lawlessness in the country, when the heads of ministries are appointed by the mob.

    On the streets of many cities of our country there is an orgy of extremism ...I have to ask the Russian authorities to provide me with personal safety from the actions of extremists.

10.41am GMT

Ousted president Viktor Yanukovych has also asked Russia to protect him from "extremists" in his statement. His whereabouts at present are unclear. At least one Russian news organisation has reported that he is in Moscow.

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