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Since, no one has said it explicitly yet, thank you for an excellent posting!

This was a concise attack on all fronts of the privatization shock doctrine that has been peddled for as long as I can bother to remember by "socialists".

The amazing thing is that they truly believe(d) in it...

To be fair, in Greece, the entrenchment of favoritism, cronyism, and lack of accountability was (is) so strong that it seemed impossible to gather sufficient political capital to address it from within a state enterprise. These enterprises were (are) used for political gain and their managers changed with every new government.

Not that it is not the right thing to try and achieve - it is just too expensive politically while privatization could be embraced by both stripes...

A very very difficult situation leading the way to the current endgame.

Orthodoxy is not a religion.

by BalkanIdentity (balkanid _ at _ google.com) on Sun Feb 9th, 2014 at 10:28:34 AM EST

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