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Beyond the fascists' march itself, worrying:

Right Sector march through the city, the police HQ is blockaded, plus a local news update | Revolution, lecturing and life in western Ukraine

After some chanting demanding that representatives of the police come down and speak to the crowd, Abramiv declared his indignation at the cowardice of those in the offices who `refuse to listen to us who speak for the Ukrainian people (narod).' He declared that Right Sector had fought the Security Service, it had fought against the Yanukovych regime and it was prepared to fight the new government. `Our brothers didn't give their blood for a government of oligarchs' and others associated with the old regime. He demanded full `lustration' of new local and national authorities, a process designed to expose anyone who cooperated with the previous regime, so that only those `who will fight for Ukraine and the Ukrainian soil' will be in power. Abramiv then declared that as of tomorrow the local Right Sector will form a `military headquarters' which will be armed and will divide members age-appropriately.

Also worrying:

Not a single local news report has mentioned the march through the city centre* and this time there has not even been an attempt to sanitise or bowdlerise the slogans chanted. Pravy Sektor/ Right Sector is being normalised, even glorified, by the local media.

But the following is encouraging:

After Right Sector left, I spoke to the Self-Defence lads remaining by the entrance to the police HQ. I introduced myself as a Briton who has been in Ukraine for nearly two years and is keenly interested in events. They put forward a tall young man who spoke very good English, although we spoke largely in Ukrainian. He told me that he had come back from working in the USA at Christmas and has been involved with Maidan Self-Defence since then. I asked him what he and his colleagues thought of Right Sector. He answered, and his comrades agreed, that `they just came here for the PR (піаритися)'. A great Ukrainian verb made from the English `PR' literally meaning `to PR yourself'. A colleague of the man who had been to America said that in a month Right Sector would fall apart and they're a bunch of posers with no idea of discipline. The tall man who had been to American said that they were sick of Right Sector promoting themselves and forgetting that Self-Defence had been there from the start. They also said that in Kyiv, at least, Right Sector was part of Self-Defence in terms of being a subordinate unit of organised divisions. In Frankivsk, however, no one has any idea about who Right Sector's allegiance is to and what orders they are following. There is clear tension between the groups and any cooperation seems to be uneasy. The Self-Defence lads on the door of the police HQ, meanwhile, were very demonstrative in refusing to take Right Sector's newspaper which teenage girls with RS badges were handing out to the crowd.

I already quoted too long, so I only paraphrase that the Self-Defence itself was at the police HQ to block a new police head named by the new government, due to past arrests.

*Lunatic*, n.
One whose delusions are out of fashion.

by DoDo on Fri Mar 14th, 2014 at 04:53:38 PM EST
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that in a month Right Sector would fall apart and they're a bunch of posers with no idea of discipline.  

Yeah right...that is what Germans once said about Hitler and his bunch...the rest is history...
Their giving weaponry to this gang not even realizing how dangerous it will be in the future for this and any other so called Ukraine government.Ukraine (minus what ever territory Russia annex) is going to be total mess...I do not know if we can find appropriate example in history. Maybe something like Libya today but with totally different pretext...

Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind...Albert Einstein
by vbo on Mon Mar 17th, 2014 at 12:09:35 AM EST
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