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Installed power capacity on the Spanish peninsula closed 2013 at 102,281 MW (556 MW greater than 2012). The greatest increase was recorded by solar thermal (15% or 300 MW) and solar photovoltaic (3.3% or 140 MW). Other technologies have not experienced power variations or have been insignificant.

Producible hydroelectric stood at 32,205 GWh, 16% higher than the all-time average and 2.5 times greater than that registered in 2012. Hydroelectric reserves for the complete set of reservoirs ended 2013 with a fill level close to 52% of its total capacity, compared to 38% last year.

Regarding the balance in the generation mix , the high rainfall recorded in 2013 has resulted in a significant growth in hydroelectric generation over the previous year (+75.8% in hydroelectric under ordinary regime). Also, renewable generation included in the special regime grew 14.2% compared to 2012. In contrast, significant decreases were recorded in production from combined cycle (-34.2%), coal-fired (-27.3%) and nuclear (-8.3%) power stations.

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