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All of the capacity factors for the peninsular system (I'm being lazy and used end-of-the-year capacity figures because there were only minimal changes; except for solar thermoelectric, where I used the end-of-year figure minus half of the annual increase):
  • large hydro: 22.0%
  • nuclear: 81.8%
  • coal: 40.8%
  • combined cycle gas: 11.4%
  • small hydro: 39.4%
  • wind: 27.1%
  • solar photovoltaic: 20.5%
  • solar thermoelectric: ~24.3%
  • biomass: 58.4%
  • "non-renewable thermal" (apparent cogeneration): 51.3%

Lots of interesting figures:
  • Even with the big increase vs. last year, water scarcity seems to weigh on large hydro.
  • Of the thermal plants, it seems biomass is the one where baseload provision is the most significant alongside scheduled variable load (which usually requires load factors around 40%).
  • Both wind (which is all on-shore) and PV have impressive capacity factors. The latter is twice that in Germany, and only a fifth (5 percentage points) short of what Desertec expected in Africa.
  • Solar thermal's capacity factor is not much above that of PV although as far as I know, installations are more concentrated on the best spots in southern Spain.

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