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Restarting already built and payed offed nukes is very cheap.

Again, running maintenance-heavy old nukes in Germany is not that cheap, as shown by the announced early closure of Grafenrheinfeld for lack of profitability. Not to mention the cost of retrofitting closed nukes for new safety regulations.

Pretty much anything you can do with gas, you can do with electricity as well.

Do you want to generate load-proportional electricity with electricity?... As for heating, re-starting old nukes tomorrow won't result in the instant conversion of home heating equipment. If we talk about the long term, electric heating might be part of a long-term solution, but the example of France shows that this brings its own problems (I think two winters ago a cold spell led to a surge of demand above 100 GW, forcing France to import even with nukes running full-throttle, leading to network problems in Germany which were predictably blamed on wind).

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by DoDo on Wed Apr 2nd, 2014 at 06:28:53 AM EST
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