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I am quite familiar with the WEIRD concept, but I don't actually think it applies here, especially between the two groups really making the decisions in this -- Russians and Americans.

On matters of political strategy and military affairs at least, Russians and Americans are so uncannily alike in their thought processes and ways of looking at the world that "mirror image" is really the best way of characterizing them. After all, these are the two peoples who have been studying each other, for billions of man-hours, over a nuclear chess board for almost 70 years now.  That's why so many Americans have man-crushes on Putin, after all. We really do understand and appreciate the guy.  And contrary to what many in the commentariat have been writing in the past few weeks, Putin, and Russians in general, have displayed an amazingly accurate understanding of how Americans think strategically as well.  

by santiago on Wed Apr 9th, 2014 at 01:28:48 AM EST
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