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Santiago, I agree with your premises but not your recommendation. NATO troops of any sort would, inherently, be a provocation to Russia. UN peacekeeping forces might be less so. But addressing some of Russia's concerns about the government in Kiev via US and Russian diplomacy might help. The fact that right wing fascists in Kiev are calling such a prospect 'total capitulation' does not make it so. Absent a major blow-up in eastern Ukraine which targets ethnic Russians I don't see Putin doing more than just leaving his forces in place as a reminder. Even without invading there is a lot he can do inside Ukraine, especially eastern Ukraine. What he can do and what western NGOs and governments can do in Ukraine should be the subject of negotiations. The neo-cons need to be put in a box and sat on a shelf and Victoria Nuland needs to be reassigned. The latter would, especially, be a calming move.

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