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The most obvious fix is to rack inheritance taxes through the roof. I understand why rightwing political parties are resistant to this - they are owned by the plutocrats - But I don't get, at all, why this is not universally supported by the rank and file both right and left.

The left should obviously support it on social justice grounds.. But the rightwing arguments for it are if anything stronger.

Inherited wealth, after all is not earned. Noone has a "natural law" right to inherit - because every conceivable inheritance law (Primo, ultimo, agnatic, matrilinial, nephew...) has been practiced widely.

Making the state the heir is thus not a violation of any core principles of etics or law - it is a tax that isn't theft. And the lower it is, the higher all other taxes must be, which is clearly unethical as all hell.

by Thomas on Tue Apr 29th, 2014 at 03:43:16 AM EST
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