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As Migeru points out, Evans-Pritchard is concern-trolling, and that particular comment is probably malicious. E-P is surely not really taken in by Le Pen's posturing.

Miss Le Pen is engaged in a major facelift of her party. A change of image towards something more apparently moderate, in order to gobble up the former "Gaullist" party, the UMP, and recuperating leftist themes the better to pick up disenchanted voters of the left. Under the pancake make-up, the FN is historically the enemy of the left, and inspired by hatred of De Gaulle and Gaullism. It belongs to the classic French nationalist xenophobic extreme-right tradition, and its more immediate ancestry is Vichy, in direct line via Daddy Le Pen. Marine is Pétain's grand-daughter.

I used to know a redstar who had a mind and a memory for these things, who wouldn't have been taken in by cosmetic changes. But then, maybe he's just concern-trolling too.

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