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Capture is not inevitable. This is blatantly obvious, because if it was, history would be 100% a series of casestudies in feudalism.

The current status quo is not the working out of inevitable historical forces - To the contrary, the very problem is that politically active plutocrats have worked out how to disguise their personal desire to rearrange the world beneath their bootheel as the common weal, the looting of the treasury and the common weal as optimal policy, and their immunity from justice and the law as necessary for peace and order.

They accomplish this by the systematic and organized bribing, corruption and ownership of public discourse and the so-called discipline of economics.

In the post-WWII era it became obvious that who-so-ever formulated the intellectual tools politicians use to set policy determines the course of governance to a far greater extent than any politician could. Because the ghostly hand of Kenyes guided all the western world.

At this point, people noticed that endowing university chairs is much cheaper than winning elections.

And so economics died as an academic discipline.

Nothing. Absolutely nothing which has been written in economics since Keynes died should be trusted without massive piles of real world evidence backing it up. If an economist says the sun is shining, look out the window to check.

If this sounds like the rantings of a paranoiac? Yes. I am aware. It is unfortunately also true. This isn't a secret conspiracy. The heritage foundation and all the other conspirators have webpages and press releases where they brag about what they are doing.
It's a chutzpah conspiracy. Where people don't give in credence because it is fracking audacious.  

by Thomas on Sun Jun 1st, 2014 at 08:58:11 AM EST
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