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So, what might the ECB do today?

Effectively there are five tools in the monetary policy toolbox which it could grasp.... and my colleague Katie Allen has rounded them up here:

  • Cut interest rates (both the headline rate of 0.25%, and the 0.0% rate paid on bank deposits at the ECB -- which would herald negative interest rates)
  • A new programme for bank lending, perhaps fashioned like the Bank of England's funding for lending scheme which provided cheaper credit to banks.
  • It could inject more liquidity into the system by stopping 'sterilising' bond purchases it made during the eurozone crisis in 2012
  • Reviving the asset backed securities market -- to help banks package up SME loans into packages which can be told on (but with tighter controls than in the run-up to the financial crisis)
  • A full-blown QE programme -- printing euros to expand the money supply and drive inflation up

Or it could do nothing....

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by eurogreen on Thu Jun 5th, 2014 at 05:46:44 AM EST

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