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hertsgaard has a new article acknowledging the efforts California is making, especially their Renewable Portfolio Standard. Might as well report some positive news...

The U.S. May Not Be Leading on Climate, but California Is

On Monday, Jerry Brown and Arnold Schwarzenegger, the current and former governors of the world's eighth-largest economy, appeared together in Sacramento to assert that the path to a global accord on climate change runs through their home state--and not Washington, D.C.

"As leaders from all over the world prepare for the next UN climate talks in Lima and Paris, we in California are ready to lead by example," Schwarzenegger told attendees of a symposium, titled Global Climate Negotiations: Lessons From California, at the California Environmental Protection Agency headquarters. "While the politicians in Washington can't get anything done because they're stuck in their ideological foxholes, we here in California have governors from two different parties in the same room fighting for a better future." Brown returned the compliment: "California is a world leader in climate change because of Governor Schwarzenegger and his passage of AB 32."

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