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If that was Reinfeldt's plan then it has backfired enormously for two reasons, evident beforehand.

  1. According to the best surveys(SOM questionnaire) SD was the most trusted party in immigration issues, and their stance of lessened immigration had much more support than the alliance+green immigration policy. If you make that the biggest issue of the election then SD will gain.

  2. By not agreeing to be a support party SD became the only opposition party. in a situation where the new government implements the unpopular and struggling immigration policy of the Reinfeldt years. This led many old Moderate voters to SD, as well as a large part of the working class and they are now polling 25-30%.

Reinfeldt has been instrumental for the rise of SD and will have to take much of the blame for the current and future state of Swedish politics.
by chumchu on Tue Oct 13th, 2015 at 06:55:29 AM EST

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