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With the Warshaw pact parallel, you do indeed choose a way too limited definition of "vassal".

vassal - definition of vassal by The Free Dictionary

1. A person who held land from a feudal lord and received protection in return for homage and allegiance.2. A bondman; a slave.3. A subordinate or dependent.

Words do indeed have a meaning. Whether one views NATO membership for European states as a genuine provision of security (as you seem to view it) or as a means to perpetuate dependence and inhibit own initiative (as suggested by Zbigniew Brzezinski), the dependence and subordination part remains, and the armies fighting the wars under the NATO umbrella were pretty much organised along feudal principles.

*Lunatic*, n.
One whose delusions are out of fashion.

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Are we not using the term "Sovereignty" in an all to absolute way? No country, with the possible exception of the USA in a unipolar world is absolutely sovereign, and even the USA feels constrained to construct "alliances" through which it conducts many of its affairs - with all the compromises that can entail...  Yes there is a debate in US foreign policy circles about the merits/requirements for unilateral or multi-lateral action in various situations. But generally the USA seeks the later and countries which fail to achieve significant multi-lateral support generally fail in achieving their objectives and optimizing their national interests.

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